Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Phil Sucks at Playing Esper >.>;

So.... For those of you who play Magic the Gathering and are up to date on the current Block you probably know what I am talking about when I mention the Shard of Esper. For those of you whom are either not into MTG or aren't up to date, Esper is one of Five Shards of the Plane of Alara consisting of the colors blue, black, and white. It's main focus is colored artifacts and control.

The plan to make an Esper deck had been festering in my brain since I played one at Pre-Release almost a month ago now, but I hadn't actually gotten around to it yet. That however changed when I purchased some new cards today and got some nice rares and a Mythic rare that went incredibly well with the Esper theme. So, when I got home I went and selected some cards that I thought would go well with the deck and weeded out enough to make a hefty but manageable blue, black, white 90 card artifact, control deck.

Now obviously I didn't expect it to do too terribly well since it was a brand new deck, but the absolute pounding that I took in all four games that I played against my roommates left me wondering what the hell I had done wrong.

I think that I need to recenter my focus. I tried to have a bit of everything from the colors I was playing, some creature destruction, some counters, decent creatures, etc.... I think that I need to choose 4 Cards (the mythic and 3 of the rares) that will make the core of the deck, and build a 60 card core deck from that and then play a few games that will give me an idea of where I need some shoring up. Hopefully I can make this work as I really like the idea of an playing a casual Esper deck.

-Philly T

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